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September 28, 2011

The Mini Pizza Piel

Well, here it is...Jack's English Muffin Pizza Piel!  He just couldn't burn these pieces of maple.

I can honestly say that I used to wonder where he gets some of his crazy ideas, but over the years, I just learned not to question it.  If he wants to make it happen, he will make it happen.

So here it is.  After making a large one for us, (which I must say, gets used regularly), he picked up these scraps, lined them up, and thought a mini piel would be cute.  So he asked me, and of course I agreed.  He asked with that look in his eye.  So I knew sooner or later, I would see this masterpiece.

And you know what?  It is cute.  And it's so smooth. And yes, it works well with english muffins.  And wait, it's a heavy duty fly swatter, or my personal favorite, the butt patter.  :)  Then, it mysteriously becomes a conversation piece, because you can't resist picking it up.

Something that could be handed down for generations with your family stories.  It can be hand painted with a monogram or any other design for use as a decoration.  If you have something in mind, check out our shop   Send us an email anytime!

September 11, 2011

In Rememberance

In honor and memory of all those who lost their lives, and the families and friends left behind that fateful day ten years ago, my flag flies quietly at half mast today.  My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you.

Repurposed Butter Tubs

So, I was sitting in my office/workroom doing
something completely different, when I looked up and saw my Land O Lakes light butter tubs.  I use them constantly, (and have many) for my scrapbooking treasures like cut-outs, silk and paper flowers, little odds and ends that I don't want to throw away, but  will use in some fashion....and on and on.  I'm sure that if you like to scrapbook, you'll love these little gems.  I thought, "what can I do with these, and how else can they be used"?  In my first attempt to jazz these up a little bit, I found myself lost in my sticker box.  What fun!  A little bit of spray paint (for plastic, Fushion by Krylon works great), some embellishments and voila!  A little place to store q-tips, cotton balls, coins, keys, or anything else you can think of!  They measure roughly 5.5" long, 3" wide and 2" deep.  The covers snap on securely, and if you don't put anything "raised" on the top, they stack and nest quite nicely.  My grandmother, who grew up in the great depression, was a whiz at  re-purposing things, from crocheting baskets with strips of bread bags to making rugs with scraps of wool.  She was truly "green" before being green became a choice. I'll be sharing more of her talents in later postings.

September 10, 2011

Floral Greeting Cards

 I was playing with my new camera and having fun taking pictures of my gardens.  My flowers seemed to pop everywhere this year!  I decided to take a few and turn them into greeting cards.  These are great for any occasion because they're blank inside.  Wish a favorite person a Happy Birthday, or best wishes.  Let someone know that you're thinking of them.  They'd also work well for a get well wish too!  I used pre-folded cards and envelopes, a copy of my digital pic, and other little treasures.  The tiger lily card background was embossed using my Cricut.  I then embellished them with gemstones, paper cut-outs, and puffy stickers.  (I love the way the pics came out...woohoo for my new camera!

 Calla Lily Greeting Card

Gloriosa Daisy Greeting Card

 Tiger Lily Greeting Card